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Skydio R2

Skydio 2 drone

Skydio released their version 2 of their autonomous drone. This drone is priced at US$999 (No controller) to compete with DJI Mavic Pro 2.

The selling point of this drone is in its ability to fly autonomously in a highly cluttered environment like the forest. It has no problem navigating the complicated and narrow flight path through the tree branches.

Quick Specs: (Click here for detailed specs)

Main Camera: 12.3MP 1/2.3″ Sony CMOS sensor, capable of recording 4k/60p @ 100mb/s

Flight Time: 23min

Speed: 36mph

Weight: 775g

Sensor: 6 x 4K 1/3″ 200 degree camera for 360 degree sensing

Skydio R2 teaser

Skydio released their R1 sometime back, featuring a drone that can fly through forest tracking a person autonomously. This time they are going to release the R2 in the fall of 2019. What kind of feature can we expect, and most importantly at what cost? Can this be a true competitor for DJI?

With AI and machine learning getting more and more advance, I think the trend in future for UAV pilots is more of plotting the waypoints to design the flightpath and the actual flying will be done by the drone itself. Would you agree?

DJI Ronin SC

Today, DJI launched a more compact version of their RONIN S. They called it the RONIN SC, target at the mirrorless camera user. This SC version weighs only 1.1 kg and can sustain a payload of 2kg. It can comfortably hold a Sony A7 series camera with a 24-70 GM. The Pro version also comes with the focus motor and focus wheel that allow user to pull focus easily and accurately. Personally, I have already ordered one myself and can’t wait to see how well it works.

Ronin SC Pro Combo

Just received the Ronin SC today (22 July 2019), DJI shipped within a day to me after placing the order. The feel of the gimbal is solid and I will do a full review in another post.

Compulsory registration for all drones in Singapore

After two illegal incursions that disrupted operations at Changi Airport, the Government is looking to raise penalties for drone users flouting flying rules.
After two illegal incursions that disrupted operations at Changi Airport, the Government is looking to raise penalties for drone users flouting flying rules.

source:The Straits Times

Drone registration will ensure that operators are made aware of their responsibilities and undertake to conduct their activities in a responsible manner, said Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min

Personally I welcome this move by the government to ensure that the limited airspace of Singapore remains safe. As UAVs gets cheaper and easier to fly, many forget that they are not a toys and are capable of causing serious injuries or damages. However, will this move slow down the adoption of UAVs in Singapore as new tools for business?



DJI has declared war with GoPro by creating something in the space where GoPro is dominating for years. Will this further seal the fate of GoPro?

Pricing just below the price point of GoPro Hero 7 Black with very similar specs, but with dual screen. Hyper Smooth vs Rock Steady video stabilisation might be the differentiation factor for end user.

With DJI moving into the action camera space, does it mean we are going to see more low cost drones from DJI without their expensive gimbal?

Also it will be interesting to see how GoPro is going to respond to this move by DJI.


Raffles Marina Optimist Regatta 2019

The Optimist Regatta is meant for sailors age 7 to 15. And is divided into gold and silver fleets. The Gold fleet is meant for the top 100 ranked sailors, while the Silver fleet are meant for the rest of the sailors. 

I had the privilege to be given the permission to film this Regatta by Raffles Marina, and in return give them the footages filmed in the process. This is the first time I fly so low at about 6-7m above sea level. The disadvantage is sometime you may get signal drop flying so low. However, this is an open sea with very few large ships around. Hence, I experience close to no signal lost.

Raffles Marina Optimist Regatta 2019

Karaweik Palace

Did a flight today at the Kan Daw Gyi Lake in Yangon, Myanmar. This place was man made by the British while the were ruling Burma. The lake is super green due to the algae that is growing in the water. I could see some pumps at the side trying to clean the water, but I guess it is not working well. Within the lake compound there are many small Chinese eateries as well as some tea and dessert stall. They even have a mini Zoo in there with ponies, goats and cows.

Karaweik Palace was completed in 1974, and is now an iconic restaurant

Anyway, please enjoy the video below.

Karaweik Palace

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

Is DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise worth the investment?

The current accessories are: Flood Lights, Speaker, Beacon

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

Will DJI create more accessories such as a secondary Camera options, So that user can mount a specialised camera for a specific purpose? But that would mean a 2 channel video transmission which the Mavic 2 platform may not be able to provide. I think for the start they have proven a concept of a modular system which I think will open up a huge potential for future aerial application.