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Canon Drone

Yesterday, Canon released their first industrial drone, the PD6E2000-AW-CJ1, to compete in the UAV market.  It is an All Weather search and rescue drone that can see even in extreme low light. With ISO of 4,000,000. The camera carry a 2megapixel full frame sensor and records at 1080p

This drone is estimate to have a price tag of US$20k. Not to sure if this includes the camera. The camera is said to be able to use with some of  the EF lenses.

The all important question is “Is Canon 2 years too late?” DJI already have a very robust m600pro that can carry almost any camera with many failsafe features. DJI also has a full range of zoom, thermal cameras for search and rescue and industrial inspection. Will Canon end up like 3D robotics, GoPro and etc, where their UAV endeavour almost wipe out their profits from other area of business? The only unique feature is the ability to see in extreme Low light. Is this feature going to set Canon apart from the rest? Time will tell. Personally, I don’t have high hopes.