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DJI Mavic 3 landing soon?

There are some image leaks of the new Mavic 3 featuring a dual-camera system.

Looking at the photos, it still has the Hasselblad camera like Mavic 2 pro, and a 7x Zoom camera. Some also think that the camera system will also have Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) to give that extra smooth cinematic video. However, I wonder with this camera design, how are we going to install a filter? From the design and rumors on the internet, it looks like the battery installation will be like the Phantom series. Will Mavic 3 be the drone that DJI is revealing at the Hi FIVE event?

What do you think? What specs do you hope the Mavic 3 will have this time?

[Update 26 Sept 2021]

Based on the latest leaked information. This is the specs: