Victor Go

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Victor Go started flying UAV since year 2013. He started flying the DJI Phantom initially, and it got him hooked ever since. From the Phantom first generation, he went on to fly the Phantom 2, and eventually the Inspire 1. Along the way he also custom build many huge hexacopter and quadcopter that can lift heavier load such as a DSLR.

As a licensed CAAS UAV pilot, he has been involved in many video productions, such as the local documentary “The Song We Sang” by Eva Tang.

Check out his Youtube channel for some of the jobs he has done so far.

Other then doing aerial photography and videography, he also sits on the EOS World Council to help organise events and workshop for the EOS World. You can get to know more about his contribution here. Victor has been an avid photographer since year 2001 since Canon launch the first affordable Powershot G1. His love for photography never stop still now.

Some of his work:




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