Jose De Castro


Jose De Castro has a passion to explore excellence at the merger of technology and creativity, fueled by a desire for industry relevant teaching and learning. Growing out of his video production work, his interest in drones took flight in 2013 and it has been expanding in scope ever since. As a certified CAAS UAV pilot, Jose has taught and given drone flying experiences to over 120 people to date.

Coming from an electronics engineering and software development background, Jose has worked at large multinationals such as Intel and HP as well as start-ups. Having now been in the education field for over 10 years, he is a senior lecturer certified in problem-based learning as well as being an Apple Distinguished Educator. 

This depth of experience allows Jose to relate to a broad base of audiences, from those who just want a casual recreational experience all the way to those who want to deliver commercial products or services. He is really excited by the plentiful opportunities in this exciting and fast growing field.