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Another teaser from DJI after a long time. This is going to be phantom 5, the OSMO Mobile 5, or the Mavic 3?

DJI Teaser poster hinting a version 5 of something is coming.

Update: Looks like the Hi Five event is for the launch of OSMO 5. What could be new for OSMO 5?

DJI launching Mavic Air 2?

What is DJI going to show us this time? They have recently introduced the DJI X-Port which can be added onto the Mavic M series UAV. Will this launch be about the new M200 replacement?

Personally, I have been waiting hard for the new Inspire 3 to have a more reliable control signal as compared to the current Inspire 2. Anyway, let’s wait for 27 April to see what DJI has for us.

Let’s look at some leaked photos of the Mavic Air 2. It doesn’t look like it will have a 360 obstacle avoidance like the Mavic 2 series. But does look very similar to Mavic 2 in the shape and design.

Is smaller then Mavic 2
Sensor at the bottom
Sensor behind
No sensor at the side
48 Megapixel camera!

Futureme Aerial Drone Race

We saw 32 participants from countries around the region including Japan, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines and etc.

The Winner turn out to be Axel Mario Christopher from Indonesia. He is being accompanied by his supportive parents.  Looking at this young boy, he certainly has lots of potential!


A Drone making a tight turn by making a loop high up in the air


Final pre-flight check


2 Drones battling through the gates


Winners and Organisers


The boy in the middle is the Winner, Axel Mario Christopher


Team from Brunei


Participants and organizers


Cheering for a job well done!


Drones taking off at the start line


Futureme Aerial Race @ Marina Floating Platform

Futureme Aerial Race

Calling all UAV pilots. If you are keen to experience the “RUSH” of drone racing, do join in the fun on the 27th of March 2016 at the Marina Floating Platform.

Do find out more details from or

If you are keen to shoot the event, you can also register as their event photographers at:

Rules and Regulations can be found at: