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OSMO Mobile
OSMO Mobile

Today DJI announced the OSMO Mobile. This device is very similar compared to the original OSMO, in terms of functionality. It is an integrated device where the grip and gimbal is one unit. It shares the accessories of the original OSMO. It now uses the phone camera as the recording device.

One interesting new feature that it has is the Active Track technology which will automatically track a subject. With this function, the gimbal will automatically follow the subject that you have highlighted.

For more info, please visit :

If you have already owned the original OSMO, I find that there is no real need to get this OSMO mobile. May be my opinion will change after I have a chance to play with the real thing.


DJI new product release on 1st September 2016

In a few hours’ time, DJI will be announcing a series of new products in Berlin IFA Trade Show.

The question is what are the new releases or new revisions? So far from rumours we are expecting the following:

  1. DJI Wind 1 (Wind and Rain resistant)
  2. A new gimbal for mobile phone to be used with OSMO
  3. A new racing quad
  4. Inspire 2 (Not likely, but I think it will be nice that they update the Inspire 1)

Do stay tune and will give a more detailed report when the products are officially announced.

DJI Announces the new Matrice 600

Matrice 600

Recently, DJI announced the new Matrice 600 (M600). It is classified as a developer / industrial platform and is equipped with the new DJI A3 flight controller and the lightbridge 2. It has an operating distance of up to 5km. With the New A3 Pro flight controller, this platform has many build in safety features as listed below:

  1. Able to automatically adapt itself to different type of platform. Meaning when the drone loses one or 2 propellers, the flight controller will know and recalibrate itself to fly safely back to home.
  2. It is resistant to magnetic interference. Means it can fly near metal structures and not get compass errors.
  3. Multiple GPS to communicate with each other, so in case one GPS gives an error, the system will be able to figure out and not get affected.
  4. Able to use the existing Matrice Guidance system, which provides active obstacle avoidance.
  5. Multiple battery to prevent battery failure and potential crashes.

With all the safety features, this is a film maker’s dream. It can lift the newly launched Ronin MX, which is capable of mounting a Red Epic camera.

M600 + Ronin MX

For more details please check out :

Phantom 4

Phantom 4

Introducing….. The new Phantom 4

Key Features:

  • Avoid obstacles automatically.
  • Track moving subjects automatically using ActiveTrack.
  • TapFly lets you fly with a tap of the finger.
  • Smart Return Home allows the Phantom to avoid obstacles as it returns home.
  • 28 minute maximum fight time, maximum control range of 3.1mi (5km).
  • Maximum speed of 44mph (72kmh).
  • Integrated gimbal for greater camera stability and smoother footage.
  • Optimized Vision Positioning System raises positioning altitude up to 10 meters


Today DJI is going to release a new product. Is it going to be the Long awaited Inspire 2? With pilot and cameraman having 2 different view? Will it have realtime obstacle avoidance all round? What is your wish list features for DJI?

Well in a few minutes time you will see the answer. I will update soonest possible.

DJI OSMO bike mount

Had the chance to try out the DJI OSMO Bike Mount. When I first got it, the mount seems to be well build and looks great. But I have doubts that it will smooth out all the bumps that might comes it’s way on a dirt trail.

So I took it for a ride and recorded a video for it.

At the end of the ride, I was very surprised by how well the mount took out the bumps. Well, may be it could be my Cannondale lefty suspension fork, but I think even without the suspension fork, the bike mount would have done an equally great job.

If you are looking to use this bike mount with your phone, then you have to purchase the OSMO Straight extension arm.

First Impression with the OSMO

The image below shows the OSMO mounted with the X3 camera from Inspire 1, the LED lights from Manfrotto and the RODE Stereo Video Mic.



After waiting for almost half a year, DJI finally release the Handle Kit @ US$219. I did not want to get the OSMO full kit as I already own the DJI Inspire 1 which comes with the X3 camera (98% Same camera that comes with OSMO full kit).

First impression of the handle:

1) Feels comfortable to grip and well designed.
2) The joysticks and the buttons are well positioned and easy to reach even for asian’s hand.
3) X3 Camera can be mounted easily but cannot be locked in position like the OSMO X3.


1) The batter is rather small, and it takes about 1hr to charge it from empty to full.
2) From experience, with a mixture of downloading photos and short videos plus video recording, the battery lasted about 40min.
3) The batteries are light and does fit into pants pockets easily. So can take a few with you if you are on tour. Recommend to bring at least 3 batteries out if you are looking for some serious shooting.

Overall usage:

1) I find it quite a hassle to switch on the OSMO and then have to link the phone to the OSMO wifi. Only after doing this, then you can launch the DJI Go app to connect to the camera. The whole process takes about 1min to complete. If you suddenly see something interesting and want to shoot immediately can frustrate you quite a bit.
2) If you have a big phone like iPhone Plus and Samsung S5 and etc, the weight can be a bit unbalanced. Thus causing some discomfort.
3) the 4K Video quality is good under good lightings. For night video, an external lights is strongly recommended.
4) Package is small and almost weightless, so it is a joy to bring around to shoot.
5) The 3 axis stabilisation is very good. However, you need to learn how to walk and hand hold the OSMO properly to prevent the “Bopping” effect.
6) OSMO build in Mic is very bad. It records the sound and vibration of the X3 fan. Unless the external audio is very loud, you can’t really record a decent audio with the build in Mic. Audio is great with I used the Rode Stereo Mic.

Recommended Accessories:

1) Universal Mount
2) Extension Arm
3) Extension Rod
4) External Mic
5) External LED lightings.


The OSMO makes great sense if you want to journal your trip when you travel. It records very decent 4K video and the the 12MP still photos are also decent. You can capture photos in RAW format. After mastering the handling techniques, the OSMO is capable to produce very profession videos. DJI Go app also comes with simple video editing templates to allow you to shoot –> download –> edit –> share very quickly through your mobile phone. The cost is less then owning a 3 axis handheld gimbal plus a Gopro 4 Black, and also easier to maintain. OSMO just have to charge one battery, while the Gopro options requires you to charge 2 different batteries. Gopro 4 black battery life is also significantly shorter then OSMO. Live view on Gopro 4 via mobile device is more laggy then OSMO.

Wish list:
I really hope DJI will find a way for OSMO stream live footages onto big screen via lightbridge or some other ways.

Below is my first trial footages with OSMO during the GBTB Volunteers orientation.

If you guys is interested in trying out the OSMO, there is a course conducted by a RP Lecturer on videography.

Inspire 1 new firmware update – Follow Me function added

A new firmware for the Inspire 1 update to add follow me feature to the Inspire 1.


A new firmware update (V1.5.0.30.) is now available for the Inspire 1. Please visit to download and update your Inspire 1.


  • All-in-One Firmware version updated to v1.5.0.30.
  • DJI GO app iOS version updated to v2.4.2.
  • DJI GO app Android version updated to v2.4.2.

What’s New:

1. Fixed battery level fluctuation issue.

2. The X3 gimbal on the Inspire 1 is now compatible with the Osmo. Note that you must attach X3 gimbal to the Inspire 1 before updating the firmware. Do not attach X3 gimbal to the Osmo to update the firmware.

3. Follow Me feature now supported in Intelligent Flight Mode.

4. Optimized HDR performance.

5. Adjusted video storage rate to 60 Mbps at 1080p60, and 40 Mbps at 1080p30.

6. Added a feature to smooth the pitch, roll and yaw movement of the X3 gimbal from the DJI GO app.

7. Enforced read-only access for the data in the flight recorder.

8. Optimized sampling methods for the Vision Position System to improve its stability.


1. Hibernation and gimbal protection is not supported on the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal.

2. Battery firmware is included in this All-in-One firmware update. Update all Intelligent Flight Batteries by using this firmware.

3.The firmware can only be downgraded to v1.4.10 or later.

4.Calibrate the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal when using it on the Osmo for the first time.

5.Only use Inspire 1 aircraft to update the Inspire 1 X3 gimbal. Do not use this firmware to update the Osmo gimbal.