DJI Matrice 30

Matrice 30

DJI just released a highly portable and high endurance UAV to operate in almost all weather conditions. This looks like a game changer for enterprise class UAV. It has 3 integrated camera and a LIDA to gauge range. It may not be able to use some more specialised instruments like the Matrice 300, but this certainly will see more use cases with its portability and more reliable radio control. Matrice 30 also comes with new improved obstacles avoidance sensor is 6 directions to ensure flight safety.

If you are keen to check out the specs, do head to:

DJI Mini 3 Pro

What we know so far.

It is exciting to see that DJI is going to release a pro version of the mini that allows holiday travellers to fly drone sub 250g legally in many countries.

Rumoured Specs:

1) Bigger sensor to record 4K/60p

2) Obstacle avoidance for the front

3) Ocusync 3 for longer range

4) Longer flight endurance

If the specs are true, this will be a very good travel companion for many. Stay tuned for more details.