DJI Inspire 2 Active Tracking test

Had the Inspire 2 for a while, and today I have decided to test out just how usable is the active tracking. I have used it to track another smaller drone, the DJI Mavic Pro. Turns out the active tracking was not bad, so I up the game by making it do point of interest at the same time.

The inspire 2 was actually too powerful or something, I realise it tends to chase and get too close then stop then chase again, looks like a yo yo effect. However, I get it to do the POI, this effect is not visible any more. Mavic Pro was a bit challenging to track as it is small, and it easily get lost if the back ground do not provide enough contrast. But overall the Inspire 2 did well, and I can see many potential to use this feature.

Photos taken by Inspire 2
Image taken by Mavic Pro
Image taken by Mavic Pro

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