DJI Spark 180 Panoramic shots

Sunset Shots where lighting is still manageable
Just after sunset where lighting has dropped significantly

Recently, DJI released a new firmware update to add/enhance the features of Spark.

Added features are:

1) Gesture mode photos is upgraded from 2 megapixels to 8 megapixels.

2) A new 180 panoramic mode.

3) Starting and stopping video recording in gesture mode.


In my opinion, these are very good features and it made the Spark a lot more appealing now.  Personally, I love the 180 panoramic shots. When selected, on the click of the button, Spark takes 21 photos starting from  center and for 7 columns. One column in the middle, and 3 more columns on the left and on the right. Each column is made up of 3 photos, slightly tilted up(still avoiding the propellers), straight & level and slightly silted down. During the downloading process, the DJI GO 4 app will automatically stitch all 21 photos together to give you a high res panoramic shots with little distortion when compare to iPhone panoramic shots.

So what is in it for photographers? Spark is small in foot print,  it takes half the time to setup as compared to Mavic Pro, and the ability to take the 180 Panoramic shots just gave the spark a slight advantage over Mavic Pro if taking still photos is the main priority. Spark will offer the photographer a new perspective in the kind of shots he can get.

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